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Starting from 1998 G.C. By Me Nesibu tarfasa etana established kelem drug store and gamtessa drug store and bethel pharmaceutical prior to the establishment of ketoran trading plc. On august 23, 2016 G.C. with two partners.

Having 8 years’ experience in wholesaling gained from this drug stores and bethel pharmaceutical, ketoran treading plc. Established on august 23, 2016 G.C. To offer quality services in the four corners of Ethiopia. Now, our distribution covers the whole country and we are becoming one of the main line Company in importing and wholesaling. We are obliged to promote professionalism, moral and ethics in our noble duty of distributing medicine and associated equipment’s.

At Ketoean trading plc. Quality, ethics and client matters a lot!! We are committed to our mission of providing top quality and curable health care products. As we observe from the trend of the company, it is very clear that KT plc. Is visionary.

Currently, in addition to the wholesaling and importing KT plc. Is engaged in cultivating coffee plantation to export specialty coffee and establish garment factory. In near future this company has the plan to establish different manufacturing and service companies. Ketoran Trading plc. Was established in august 23, 2016 G.C.

In accordance with the commercial code of Ethiopia article 1960 with the following main objectives:-

  • Export
  • Import and distribution
  • Manufacturing
To be one of the leading coffee exporter in the country.

To become an internationally recognized coffee export
Provide top quality and curable health care products

To prepare and export top quality Ethiopia green coffee bean to the main stream and specialty coffee market.

Contribute for the foreign currency earnings of the country and provide above average returns to shareholders
Customer centered

Seek to understand and enhance the value our customers. Relationship

We approach our customers and suppliers as equal, long term partners seeking mutual benefit Trustworthy

Under a warm and open atmosphere, we approach our associate & business partners with humility, honesty and enthusiasm. Quality

We are committed to produce quality product and service.
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Email: Josch4@gmail.com

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